fundraising made easy!

The goal for the Great Food Rescue Race 2017 is to raise $100,000 which equals 200,000 meals that OzHarvest can rescue and deliver to people in need.

We highly encourage participating teams to set their Team Goal high and be creative in their team work to raise a minimum of $2,500. That’s only $500 per team member!

To help you achieve this and to give you that amazing feeling of impact as a result, we will share lots of tips & tricks with you once you have registered your Great Food Rescue Race team, but you can already have a look at some easy steps to raise $500 below!

5 easy steps to raise $500 (or more!)

Make the first $50 donation

Show your committment to your fudraising efforts by donating first

Ask your family and close friends to donate $40 each

Family and friends are likely to support you!

Post your involvement in the Great Food Rescue Race on Facebook

Tell your friends you need their support and ask for $10+ donations

Ask 10 people in your network to donate the cost of a cup of coffee

Ten people contributing $5 each adds up quickly

Host a work place morning tea

Get your colleagues involved and ask them for $5-$10 each

Remember to thank your donors and share this on social media.
This will encourage more friends to donate to your page too!