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Delicious Marmalade, Chutney and Pickles


Made from imperfect looking but great tasting fruit and vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste!

Produced by our supporters Green Anchor, a food company whose mission is to provide sustainable food solutions using creative thinking; turning “problems” on their head to create delicious solutions.

Available in a range of delicious flavours at $9.50 per jar.

Appley Ever After – Zero Waste Spiced Apple Chutney

Unusually shaped, odd looking, but delicious tasting apples are slowly cooked with spices and dark brown sugar to create a chutney with attitude. Yummy with meats and cheese.

Ferment For You – Naturally fermented sauerkraut

Naturally fermented sauerkraut.  This product is made from vibrant green cauliflower leaves and is zingy and sour. Our saurkraut is perfect straight out of the jar, with cheese, in a salad, warmed up, in a sandwich or even in soup.  

Pickle Me Silly – Broccoli pickles

These broccoli pickles are a perfect delicious alternative to gherkins

That’s My Jam – Orange marmalade

Made from Australian oranges which have been processed for juice bars, where the peel otherwise would have been discarded

Tom & Chutney – Tomato & Tasmanian Pepperberry Chutney

This fruity chutney is great with almost anything. It uses tomatoes that are soft, bruised or overripe but full of flavor.