Use It Up Tape™


Reduce your food waste at home by 40%!

To help make it easy for people to waste less food at home, OzHarvest developed a world-first product, Use It Up Tape!

The tape can be used to mark a shelf in your fridge, pantry or freezer, or on containers of food that needs using up. It’s a visual reminder for the whole household - once you can see it, you can use it up!

For inspiration on what to cook with food that needs using up, head to Use It Up Recipes created by amazing OzHarvest chefs, or follow our kitchen adventures on TikTok or Insta!

Ordering the tape 

The tape is currently available free of charge for individuals, with a small cost to cover postage (Australia only). To order one roll for your household, simply click ADD TO CART below. 

If you’re a school, community group or not-for-profit and you’d like to share the tape with others, please click on one of the following amounts: 4 rolls | 10 rolls | 24 rolls. We're only able to ship one of these amounts per order, thanks for your understanding. 

If you’re a council, business, or looking for overseas shipping, please email to place a bulk order. 

Thank you for your patience!
As dispatch dates and postal times vary, please allow up to three weeks for your tape to arrive.

Do you have feedback about the tape? Please let us know here.

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