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Centre for Sustainability Ozharvest Christmas Donation

Let's help Ozharvest

Hi C4S team, 

As per your decision, we are making our donation to Ozharvest to celebrate our Christmas in a more meaningful way.

Any amount of donation will help the organisation support everyone in need and divert food waste from landfill :)

The donation window is open until Christmas.

Some more information from Ozharvest:

Your efforts really mean a lot to us- it certainly has been a tough year and demand for our services just continues to grow… The goal remains for us to continue to be able to respond to the exponential growth in demand for food relief; across the board has seen a 47% increase in demand since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • People seeking food relief at least once a week has doubled from 15% to 31% in the last year.
  • More than a quarter of those experiencing food insecurity had never faced it before the pandemic.


Across Australia from 1st March to 30 November…

·         Food Rescue remains a key priority for us with over 7 million kg of food rescued and delivered via our yellow vans.

·         Our Food app which facilitates food rescue between regional food donors and local charities that our vans cant reach has delivered 405,036 meals

·         To reach out to the cohort of people who had never experienced food insecurity before we opened 5 Pop-up hamper hubs and have distributed 80,143 hampers.

·         We have 7 new vans on the road including 2 mobile market trucks servicing 31 regional locations in NSW. This program will not follow the OzHarvest food rescue model but will rather purchase produce and food items en-route in the local communities to bolster their fragile economy.

·         In addition to food rescue, We have teamed up with 37 incredible hospitality heroes and cooked up 611,893 meals between our kitchens and theirs. These prepared meals are delivered out each week via our existing network of 1,500 agencies across Australia and line the shelves at our new free supermarket in Waterloo, Sydney.

·         In total that’s over 25million meals delivered to a list of over 1,500 charities.

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