Get good food to people who need it most this Giving Day.

Giving Day 2024 Teams

I'm taking part in 2024 OzHarvest Giving Day!

Your donation, big or small, can get food to those who need it most.

Every $1 is matched! That means for every $1 donated, you can help provide 4 meals.

Giving Day 2024

I'm incredibly excited to be participating in OzHarvest Giving Day 2024. Did you know that [Insert a brief, impactful statistic about food waste or hunger in Australia]? That's why I decided to take action.

This Giving Day, every $1 donated helps provide 4 meals! Even a small donation makes a huge difference.

Please join me in supporting OzHarvest! Your donation will help fight food waste and provide essential meals to Australians in need.

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