Domain Connect Virtual Conference 2021

By Domain Group Join Me

We are fundraising to help OzHarvest in their mission Nourish our Country!

Every single $1 raised will enable OzHarvest to deliver 2 meals to people in need across Australia. How simple is that.

As a business, Domain have committed to raising $50,000 in 2021 which will allow OzHarvest to deliver an incredible 100,000 meals to people in need across Australia. Check out Domains progress here

Please support if you can – every $1 counts!

There are over 6 million people in Australia who currently rely on food relief each year. This has increased from 5 million people since COVID-19 first surfaced. OzHarvest has seen a 47% increase in demand for their services with a staggering 28% of people seeking services for the first time - this is the new face of hunger across Australia.

We’re asking everyone at Domain to pitch in and help raise money for OzHarvest this Wednesday 21 July during our virtual conference. If we all donate $10 or more, we could potentially raise up to $10k which would help provide up to 20,000 meals to those in need - that’s the equivalent of all of us in the company receiving more than 26 meals each! We know times are tough and not everyone may be able to manage this, but every little bit helps and if you can spare even just a few dollars, it’s going to a worthwhile cause:

  • $2 means reducing the hunger of at least 4 people who can have a meal
  • $5 might mean you simply forgo a coffee for the day
  • $10 could be the money you’ve saved by not buying a snack at the airport on the way to the Hunter Valley this week
  • $15 may be what you’ve saved on parking costs or bus fares if you’re working from home
  • $20 is the money you didn’t spend on takeaway because you cooked dinner instead
  • $50 is money saved over the last few months from using Perkbox discounts for groceries
  • $100 could be the money you would've spent filling your car up with petrol to drive to the Hunter Valley this week