Naomi Dang

City to Surf

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production- Naomi's Run For A Cause

I'm running the City to Surf to raise funds for OzHarvest and help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people in Australia. You may have heard of this spiel before back in May when I ran in support of OzHarvest for the SMH Half-Marathon- well, here I am back at it again!

OzHarvest is an organisation that quite literally rescues quality food from commercial outlets dumping it as waste, and redistributing it to charities that can give it to those who need it most!

I'm inspired by the work of OzHarvest as I too avidly protest against food wastage and believe that people need to be better educated in food security and sustenance. If you know me well, you've probably heard me scorn you for not finishing your food and saying "did you know that there's 1.3 billion tonnes of food wastage every year, BETTER LICK YOUR PLATE CLEAN" #SDG12. I am keen beans to help them raise money to further their cause as part of my participation in the 2018 City2Surf.

I'ld love your help guys! With 8-10 billion dollars of food wasted each year in Australia, and 90% of food relief agencies reporting that they’re not able to meet community demand, OzHarvest is passionate about reducing food waste and ensuring this abundance is shared with those that need it most!

Every $1 donated to OzHarvest equals 2 meals they can rescue and deliver to people in need! Thank you in advance for your generosity and remember to THINK, EAT AND SAVE! 

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Trang Reinhardt

Good luck Naomi. Let us know how it goes.


Elena Kastos


Mia Dang

G'luck sweetie!


Thu-ha Nguyen



Sharon Wu

Brilliant cause! Have fun on the run Naomi :)


Tarn Matt

Naomzzz Fightiggg!!! Cheer u upp <3


Adithya Mani

I told you I'd remember :)