Ramadhan Challenge 2020

By Deloitte Australia


In the spirit of charity, inclusivity and connectivity, the Ramadhan Challenge 2020 is up and running once again.

Ramadhan is a month of giving and sharing, and charity can be delivered in many forms, from a simple smile or a ‘how are you’, to providing, food, shelter or money. We are living in extraordinary times, and these times have provided us with the opportunity for self-reflection, to assess what is important, and to consider how we can help others in whatever way we can.

Amid the current pandemic and social distancing, now more than ever the need for social connection is evident and we’d like to focus this month’s Ramadhan activities on challenging each other to focus on the benefit of human connection, and by participating you will not only be helping us raise funds, but you will also help us connect with each other, and help create a sense of belonging for many, at a time when we’re all feeling varying degrees of isolation.

Many of you have historically participated in the Ramadhan challenge. I call on you once again for support and invite everyone to join us in raising funds for our communities via OzHarvest. A charity that is helping feed those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Help us collectively ensure that during these difficult times, we care for all communities and make a meaningful impact through funds raising and making new connections within our own Deloitte community.