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My target 60 kms

60km Target Reached!

With 3 days to spare till the 15 Nov, i successfully hit my target of 60km by 15 November yesterday!

Did a 6km trek at Anstey Hill National Park.

What is even more awesome, we  hit over $800 in fundraising! 
Thank you to all who donated!

Total kms & Steps trekked thus far Nov 1 - 11

Just calculated my steps & km's thus far from Nov 1st to 11, 75,899 step's with 55 km in total! Will do some more hiking up will Nov 15 and provide final tally COB Sunday!

Hiking over Weekend - 32 Kms

Over the weekend I hiked 32kms over 2 two National Parks in SA. Image below is from Morialta Falls, we had a little bit of fall. Aiming for 30kms if not more before Sunday 15 Nov.

Hiking Para Wirra 3 Nov

Yesterday I did a 12km Hike around Parra Wirra National Park to clock up the km's for Oz Harvest. Took 1.50 hours to complete, terrain was challenging with boulder hiking, however the view was worth it!

BGood PI fundraiser

I am fundraising for OzHarvest to help them Nourish our Country! Every single $1 I raise will enable OzHarvest to deliver 2 meals to vulnerable Australians. How simple is that. Please support me here – every $1 counts!