Donald Betts Fundraising Page

By Donald Betts

The Oz Harvest Global Challenge was a SUCCESS!

Our Norton Rose Fulbright Melbourne team boarded our Virgin Airlines flight for Sydney in preparation for a full day of learning, bonding, and service.  Having arrived in Sydney at 10pm, we queried about the next days schedule of events and what they would look like.  I don't think any of us could have imagined the awesome experience we were in for.    

I decided to take the 25 minute walk to the meeting point (Norton Rose Fulbright Sydney office) where we would grab our travel bag, and have breakfast.  To my surprise, we were greeted by NRF bright team members from all over the world (Canada, United States, Germany, France, South Africa, etc.).  It was an amazing site to have these brilliant people stop what they were doing in their professional lives, and travel to Australia to fight food waste. 

Norton Rose Fulbright truly led by example.  It was a true testament to understand how important this Global Challenge was to the firm for the Global CEO, CFO, and Chairmain to give their time to cut, cook, and serve to bring awarness to a global travesty.    

In Australia we waste over $20 Billion dollars worth of food every year.  Worldwide we waste 1.3 Billion tons estimating at over $1 Trillion loss to our global economy every year.  OZ Harvest CEO Ronnie Kahn believes that good food should not go to waste, and apparently so does Norton Rose Fulbright, thus the reason for supporting Oz Harvest (I believe you should too).  

Approximatley 100 of Norton Rose Fulbright's finest boarded buses to a warehouse where we were greeted by professional chefs who gave us a brief presentation on how to hold a knife to best practices on how to cut an onion.

There were 11 stations preparing different meals to be delivered to our most vulnerable citizens in society.  Our team prepared Nasi Gorang (fried rice), Satay Chichen, and bread pudding (in my estimation, we won the challenge). Factually we were all winners (actually I believe our team won ;)).  The rescued food was not spoiled, maybe bumped a bruised a little, but overall it was just as good as what we would find in our refrigerator that we would prepare for our family at home.  To think that this food end up in the bin, when people are starving was daunting.  

Overall, we were able to prepare a record breaking 1000 plus package meals breaking all records.  I walk away not only feeling like a made a difference, but Oz Harvest has made a difference in me, and in the way I teach my children, and those around me how important it is NOT TO WASTE.  

Thank you Oz Harvest and Norton Rose Fulbright for a life changing experience.     

Global Firm FIT for a Global Challenge!

I started working at Norton Rose Fulbright Melbourne in January.  Not knowing what to expect from a cultural perspective, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation from our Head of Office Peter Cash, to participate in the companies centrepiece Global fundraising event “Cooking for a Cause” where we will spend four hours cooking rescued food with Oz Harvest chefs for local charities during the afternoon of 10 April 2019. 


I must admit, that the positive gut feeling I had about my decision to join NRF was right.  Offices across our global network are supporting charities and organizations through fundraising, food drives, volunteering as well as reducing waste by composting, choosing ethical suppliers and identifying ways to reduce food waste in the workplace and at home. 


I am not only honoured to work for one of the best law firms in the world, but very proud of the good work Norton Rose Fulbright does to make life better for all.      

My first Oz Harvest Experience

I first became aware of Oz Harvest when I was at Federation Square in the City of Melbourne.  I was actually looking for something to eat, and thought, wow, a new restuarant concept.  As I approach, the "Big Yellow Van", I was greeted by a fellow American Ruchika and Gopi Krishnan (Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance), who gave me the 'run down' about what Oz Harvest was all about.  I immediatley thought it to be a marvel concept, and after a bowl of the pumpkin soup, I was sold.  

OzHarvest believes good food should not go to waste. Food is precious and should be valued not thrown away.

Fight Food Waste offers practical and easy ways to help you save food,
time and money. It’s time to take action!

Be part of the solution and #fightfoodwaste. Your wallet and the planet will thank you!

I am fundraising for OzHarvest to help them Nourish our Country! Every single $1 I raise will enable OzHarvest to deliver 2 meals to vulnerable Australians. How simple is that. Please support me here – every $1 counts!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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