My OzSizzle FAM

Sitting still, feeling defeated wondering how and from where I can get money to buy food for the next week... I am freightened yet know I have to find the strength and courage somehow to find something, somewhere to feed my sweet kids... so scared I could let then down.  
Do you know anyone, maybe yourself who has experienced these strong intimidating feelings? 
Can you see yourself or your family or friends in a situation like this regardless of how or why? Many have and, some are right now having to succumb to it through no fault of their own. 
Can you empathise with those experiencing those feelings? 
Would you want to help in some way, especially if it is an easy, fun way socially with friends and my family !!  SURE YOU WOULD. COME TO AN AUSSIE BBQ WITH A DIFFERENCE. PLEASE JOIN ME IN A OZSIZZLE AT GALSTON TO WATCH YOUR BBQ LUNCH being bbq (you can join in the cooking too if you wish) COOKED THEN HAVING THE SATISFACTION THAT YOUR PURCHASE WITH YOUR LUNCH MONEY IS ACTUALLY A DONATION TO FEED OTHERS THROUGH OZ HARVEST. 
ALL donations on this, my donation page. are deposited directly into the OzHarvest account. 

My Ozsizzle FAM

I’m participating in OzHarvest's OzSizzle to make a difference to Australia’s most vulnerable and reduce food waste. I'd love your support in helping us reach my fundraising goal!

Stay tuned for the journey!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Denise Pugh